From 0 –> Client(s)

Here’s what I did when I launched a mini coaching business in 2018.

  1. Take a list of all of your contacts.
  2. Highlight the people who have paid you money in the past, or who have expressed an interest in what you do / your service.
  3. Write a very brief email to them asking them about themselves, their life, their business, their career… whatever area it is that you can help with.
  4. Dependent on the response, provide them with value & ask them if they would be interested in taking things further.
  5. For those who are, get on a call with them, diagnose what is actually going on for them, and if you are able to help, invite this person to work with you… i.e. Sell them your service!


The key thing here is DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS.

Here are the things you don’t need to get started:

  • a funnel
  • CRM
  • email sequence (automated or otherwise)
  • a WEBSITE!!!
  • a membership area
  • Facebook group
  • another book on entrepreneurship
  • more software
  • your own podcast
  • to have written a book!



Just map out your list of contacts, and start conversations with people.
Follow points 1-5 above.

Let me know how you get on!