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The Long-Range ONE THING

What is the ONE THING you can do this week that will optimise for success (however you define that) & happiness over the long-term?

Most likely it is a quadrant 2 activity. i.e. Something that is important (for long-term success), but not urgent.

For me, I’m looking at continuing to build up a base of financial literacy. At the moment I’m researching dividend aristocrats.

The view is to actively invest 10% of my portfolio in dividend aristocrats. By layering multiple strategies for compounding, I’ve seen average investors generate upwards of 20% annual returns with approx 1-2hrs per month active involvement.

(Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I’m just some dude who reads a lot & likes deliberate thinking as a hobby).

Ghost – New platform I’m considering

Do you know anyone who uses it?

I discovered it from listening to a youtuber and medical doctor, who vlogs about productivity and his life as a medical student at Cambridge and then as a junior doctor. This is the guy – he’s called Ali Abdaal.

He seems to have a fairly savvy approach to assessing the tech he uses. His productions are really slick.

I’ve signed up to ghost.
It’s interface is like using notion – i.e. It’s delightful to use.

Check it out:

Thinking Course – Edward de Bono

Such a powerful yet simple approach to meta-cognition.
De Bono lays out a suite of elegant thinking tools to aid decision making and helping to effectively harness group intellect.

Transform Your Thinking
Edward de Bono’s Thinking Course


I have now used various tool sets from this book in multiple deliberate settings.

The first was using the set of decision-making frameworks.
I worked with a group of met-cognition lovers, fans of mental models, and walked them through a problem that each of them was grappling with.

We did it as a blind exercise – I didn’t need to know the problem, but instead they kept that to themselves.
The process worked. Everyone in the group experienced resolving an issue to some degree.


Distribution wins. The Game has Changed.


Worth watching from the start.

Worth watching & rewatching several times over.

I’m now in the process of working through some of Brian’s ideas (along with Casey Winters, which I’ll share in another post).

I’m going to be documenting my process of stacking growth models & stacking growth loops to see where it gets us.

It’s like Sean Ellis on cognitive enhancing substances.


From 0 –> Client(s)

Here’s what I did when I launched a mini coaching business in 2018.

  1. Take a list of all of your contacts.
  2. Highlight the people who have paid you money in the past, or who have expressed an interest in what you do / your service.
  3. Write a very brief email to them asking them about themselves, their life, their business, their career… whatever area it is that you can help with.
  4. Dependent on the response, provide them with value & ask them if they would be interested in taking things further.
  5. For those who are, get on a call with them, diagnose what is actually going on for them, and if you are able to help, invite this person to work with you… i.e. Sell them your service!


The key thing here is DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS.

Here are the things you don’t need to get started:

  • a funnel
  • CRM
  • email sequence (automated or otherwise)
  • a WEBSITE!!!
  • a membership area
  • Facebook group
  • another book on entrepreneurship
  • more software
  • your own podcast
  • to have written a book!



Just map out your list of contacts, and start conversations with people.
Follow points 1-5 above.

Let me know how you get on!

“Tendency to Want to Help” Trap

When you’re good at things and people put tasks in front of you, it’s easy to feel a natural inclination to want to do them. Just so. Because you can.

It feels nice. To be validated. To prove yourself.
But it’s a trap.

It can be fun for a while, but ultimately you are just playing someone else’s game, climbing someone else’s ladder, making someone else wealthy.

…and for what? So that you can feel validated?

What is your script? What script are you living?
Change your script. Change your life.