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Building a Membership / online Course in WordPress

This is what I’ve been doing today.
Bit of a learning curve and a few sticking points, but nothing insurmountable.


I’ve been working with memberpress + learndash, even though memberpress has a new courses feature, and learndash has it’s own payment gateway module.
I’m using both, because each one does its main job better than the other one.


Sticking point in particular:

“Hi again,
I’m trying to create payment plan options for each of my 2 tiers of “membership”
So, I’d like this:

Membership option 1
a) payment in full
b) payment in 3 parts, monthly for 3 months

Membership option 2
a) payment in full
b) payment in 3 parts, monthly for 3 months

Please could you advise as to the best structure for this, as it is not clear from the documentation that it is possible to have 2 different payment options for 1 “membership”.

Would I need to create 2 different memberships in memberpress, each with their own payment type (full vs. 3x installments), then link both of them to have the same learndash access?

Thanks in advance!

The Long-Range ONE THING

What is the ONE THING you can do this week that will optimise for success (however you define that) & happiness over the long-term?

Most likely it is a quadrant 2 activity. i.e. Something that is important (for long-term success), but not urgent.

For me, I’m looking at continuing to build up a base of financial literacy. At the moment I’m researching dividend aristocrats.

The view is to actively invest 10% of my portfolio in dividend aristocrats. By layering multiple strategies for compounding, I’ve seen average investors generate upwards of 20% annual returns with approx 1-2hrs per month active involvement.

(Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I’m just some dude who reads a lot & likes deliberate thinking as a hobby).

Ghost – New platform I’m considering

Do you know anyone who uses it?

I discovered it from listening to a youtuber and medical doctor, who vlogs about productivity and his life as a medical student at Cambridge and then as a junior doctor. This is the guy – he’s called Ali Abdaal.

He seems to have a fairly savvy approach to assessing the tech he uses. His productions are really slick.

I’ve signed up to ghost.
It’s interface is like using notion – i.e. It’s delightful to use.

Check it out: