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flow predictably irrational consciousness thinking course GEB What technology wants Getting real Rework the 7 narratives lean startup don’t make me think 7 habits ramit sethi 3 laws of performance 4HWW KPI

mental models personal MBA


benjamin bloom steve jobs clay christenssen sugata mitra steve blank drew houston mark zuckerberg kevin systrom Reid Hoffman Daniel Ek Steve Krug Tony Robbins John Demartini Werner Erhard Edward Bernays Dan Kennedy BJ Fogg Derek Sivers Thomas Young Sean Adam


rory ben edwards chris cooke


habits, behavioural economics, futurism, neurofeedback, Structure of memories History of memory endurance pain vipassana virality power of stories space travel energy interplanetary travel relationships – gil dove warrior training family – mum, dad, and mind-machine interface africa mindgasm gameification writing quickly blogging storage stack for ideas ThinkDo NeonAztec GroupZap Business Model You Ubermensch Felatio NLP Road trip – Mayrhofen Marathons Devizes to Westminster 1000 digits of pi Once upon a time


spider goats surgeons century of the self family


mixergy stanford codecademy


waking life fifth element bladerunner total recall (original) A Scanner darkly

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