Rich Bowdler


What I’m doing now

Collecting my thoughts on lessons learned from scaling startups, in various roles:

  • Co-founder
  • Marketing / Growth Hacking
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Strategy

…and attempting to distill those lessons into palatable morsels of wisdom with a twist.

The twist?

Applying memory palaces with spaced repetition to said morsels.

    • Storythis platform
      Turning reading into results. Think; “Blinkist meets Memory Palaces & Basecamp, with a small spoonful of Accountability”
    • Strategic Growth Programme
      The fundamentals for startups and small businesses looking to scale. (enquire here).
    • Dream100 Labs
      A platform for systematically building strategic partnerships.
    • Storythis Executive Coaching
      Helping people structure knowledge and organise their thinking to make smarter decisions with fewer blind-spots.